Nandi Hills Bangalore(2021): Resort, Hotel, How to Go, Best Timing, View Point All Tips

 Nandi Hills Bangalore(2021): Resort, Hotel, How to Go, Best Timing, View Point All Tips If you are searching for Nandi Hills and want to go didn't find the best way to reach and want the best resort or hotel to stay, then you are in right place here we share all in details. I hope you enjoy our content.


Nandi Hills: Nandi Hills is nothing but an ancient hill, this is one of the best tourist places in Bangalore which is in Karnataka state. This place is such a nice and wonderful as well as peaceful place in Bangalore. Most people visit for enjoying the viewpoint from the top of the Hills and as I told you guys you love that place if you visit once.

 Nandi Hills, a small but attractive village just 60 kilometers from Bangalore, has become the ideal weekend getaway for its residents. Nandi Hills is a popular historical fortress with a number of temples, monuments, and shrines. It is most well-known for its views and greenery, but it is also a popular historical fortress with a number of temples, monuments, and shrines. The area was once used as a summer retreat by the renowned ruler Tipu Sultan, and many traces of the Sultan's life and legacy can be found in the area.

Tashak-e-Jannat was the name of the building, which still attracts tourists and visitors today with its painted walls, intricate archways, high pillars, and artfully designed ceilings.

The Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, holy to Lord Shiva and his companions Parvati and Nandi, is one of the most well-known temples and shrines in Nandi Hills.

Because it is one of the area's oldest temples, it is also an architectural marvel and a pilgrimage site.

Nandi Hills is known for its trekking trails, bike routes, and adventure sports such as paragliding, in addition to its historical sites and heritage monuments.

Nandi Hills Bangalore(2021): Resort, Hotel, How to Go, Best Timing, View Point All Tips

Nandi Hills Bangalore:

Most of the visitors are from Bangalore because Nandi hills placed approximately 60km far from Bangalore. People want to enjoy their weak-off and decide to go to visit  Nandi Hills, I think this is the best place to visit with your partner and enjoy that view from the top.


How to Reach / Go Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills is just 58 kilometers from Bangalore International Airport. Outside the airport, you'll find cars and taxis ready to take you to Nandi Hills for a fixed price.

You can also book your private cars ahead of time to avoid wasting time at the airport looking for the right vehicle.

There are buses that leave from Bangalore to take you to Nandi Hills, but if you're flying in, the best choice is to hire a car that will take you directly to your destination.

Best Time to Visit Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills experiences pleasant weather throughout the year, so no matter when you feel like getting away from the city, you can plan a trip there without fear of encountering inclement weather.

Summers in the vicinity, on the other hand, can be stuffy and hot in the afternoons. If you're visiting during the holidays, plan your excursions for the early morning or after sunset.

Despite the fact that many people visit during the monsoon season, you may encounter heavy rainfall and slush if you visit during that time.

Best Things To Do in Nandi Hills

Here are a few of the most interesting activities you can participate in while visiting Nandi Hills:

1. Paragliding

It's impossible to visit Nandi Hills without attempting paragliding. Only a few places in the country offer paragliding, and it's one of the most picturesque activities you can do while you're there, involving gliding over lush green valleys and mountains.

2. Cycling is number two.

Because of the ideal conditions for biking and cycling that can be found in the region, people find Nandi Hills almost irresistible. The altitude, combined with the scenery and well-maintained bicycle trails, makes it an ideal location for solo or group biking.

3. Visit Tipu Sultan's summer resort 

Tipu Sultan's summer retreat is known as the Tashk-e-Jannat, which literally means "envy of paradise." A visit to his summer resort can provide insight into Tipu Sultan's life and history.

It's also a local architectural marvel and a great place to spend a day if you're in Nandi Hills.

4. Going on a hike

You can't visit Nandi Hills without checking out one of its many trekking trails if you're an adventure seeker who prefers to spend your weekends productively.

The lush jungles, green hills, and beautiful views make for some rewarding hikes.

Resorts on Nandi Hills

This is the best resort to stay in Nandi Hills, according to Google Maps, this is the best collection of resorts on Nandi hills.

1. First resort on Nandi Hills is Discovery Village Nandi Foot Hills

Set in a wooded area of the Nandi Hills, this low-key resort is 5 km from Nandi Halt railway station and 13 km from the remote Nandi Hill Caves.

Check-in time: 01:00
Check-out time: 11:00

Rating: 4.2 (4,467) Good

Popular amenities
  • Pool
  • Parking (Free)
  • Breakfast(Free)
  • Air conditioning


2. Second Resort on Nandi Hills is Mount Palazzo

This down-to-earth resort in a hilly town is 5 km from the Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple and 13 km from the Nandi Hill Caves.
The straightforward rooms feature satellite TV and fans, as well as hill, garden, or pool views. Suites add living areas; some have balconies, or whirlpool baths, and private massage rooms. Room service is available.

There are 2 restaurants serving international fare. Other amenities include an outdoor pool, a bar, and a gym, as well as a playground, a petting zoo, and a temple. Sports and game facilities are available.

Check-in: Available
Check-out: Available

Rating: 3.7(1,610) Good

  • Pool
  • Parking (Free)
  • Breakfast(Free)
  • Air conditioning




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