Kundali Bhagya episodes, Instagram, Cast

Kundali Bhagya update episodes video, Instagram, Casts: if you are searching for Kundali Bhagya updated episodes, Instagram id and cast then you are in right place. Here we share all the details of  Kundali Bhagya Episodes, Instagram id, and cast.

kundali bhagya
Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya is Serial which is a TV show. People also like this TV Serial like another one is Kumkum Bhagaya. If you are searching for Kundali Bhagya then here we share all details like updated episodes, Instagram id, cast.

Kundali Bhagya update episodes video, Instagram, Cast

Kundali Bhagya Cast:

Created by:                 Ekta Kapoor
Developed by:      Ekta Kapoor
Written by:               Rekha Modi
Screenplay by:     Anil Nagpal
                                   Mrinal Tripathi
Story by:             Kavita Nagpal
                            Anil Nagpal
Directed by:     Sameer Kulkarni
                            Abhishek Kumar. R. Paul
                            Aman Varpe
Creative director(s):   Chloe Ferns Qureshi
                                         Mukta Ghod
Starring:          Shraddha Arya
                                  Dheeraj Dhoopar
                                  Manit Joura
Theme music composer:   Lalit Sen
                                               Ashish Rego
Country of origin:         India
Original language(s): Hindi
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 621

This is the cast of Kundali Bhagya. This is the ZEE TV show since 2017. Another TV Show like this serial is Kumkum Bhagya.

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kundali bhagya episodes
Kundali Bhagya

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Karan asks what they're talking about, Rishab explains that Rakhi doesn't believe he's been in the meeting with him, she thinks he's gone to stop the wedding, Rakhi asks why he asked Karan what they're talking about, Rishab explains that he's the brother and they can't hide anything from him.
Karina returns with Ramona and the dress she and Maira brought for him, she wants him to wear the same dress, and then Karan agrees with both Rishab and Karan to get clean.

Prithvi's in his bed, his mother's standing beside him wondering when he's going to wake up, he's getting conscious again, and then he's getting unconscious again, his mother wondering why he still wants to get married to Preeta even after she's got married.
Shrishti walks in the market when she sees Sameer, she calls him so that he immediately stops the car, he is very frustrated to say that he called her but she never answered and she explained to herself that they had to do something to stop the Karan wedding, but her sister marries herself, Shristhi explains that this is not the case, Preeta only agreed to marry Prithvis because Sarla was ill.

She also made sure that Prithvi backs out as she's still the wife of Karan, but the wedding stopped before anything could happen because of the fire, she mentions that she thinks that Karan was the one behind the fir in the hall because he couldn't see Preeta marrying someone else who was really romantic. She asks if he would also be like Karan, he thinks he's calling Karan asking if it's him who came to the Kumkum Bhagya hall, he's calling him, but Karan is in the house, he thinks he's going to go and ask him to make sure of it, she explains that she's going to go home as she's got to give the medicine to Sarla, they're both going to their homes.

Prithvi is in his home, he wakes up after saying the name of Preeta, he wonders how he came back to his house as he was supposed to be in the mandap because he was supposed to marry Preeta, he calls his mother and is anxious to know how he came to his bed, his mother explains that he can't marry Preeta because of that the gods got angry, Prithvi asks what happened, she explains that it's because of the going.

Sherlin forced her mother to call Karina explaining he can not make a pledge, trying to explain that Sherlin had a commitment to her since she was Luther's elder daughter and she was in the position, and she said she did not want to hurt her but she said she was in Prithvi and Preeta's role where she burned her hand and if she was in the hired position, she said that she did not want to hurt her.

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