Top 10 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Top 10 Ways to Increase Website Traffic -  How to Increase Website Traffic for free.? If you want to increase your Website Traffic, Here we tell the best Top 10 Ways to Increase Website Traffic for Free.

seo setting for blogger

How to increase traffic for the website.? here are Top 10 ways to increase website traffic.
Here's The Settings For SEO Settings In Blogger And Advanced SEO Settings For Blogger and Pro Blogger To Rank Thier Website And Seo Tips And Trick To Boost Your Blog If you really want to rate greater in google you should comprehend SEO Search Engine Optimization Tips and trick all of our blogger progress SEO post if you really want to do something. get traffic for your website free.

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1. On-Page SEO


1. Basic - 

Choose the name of your blog about which subjects you want to begin. And select all the data about your subject from your definition.


2. HTTPS Redirect - 

Always redirect your blog to https for your safety. and Always Turn it ON


3. Enable Meta Tag Serch Description in Setting

Your teg's only google creep can see that for your subject understanding. It will assist them discover your subject


4. Enable Custom Robots.txt

Robots can find your post and your website pages. 


  • User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
  • Disallow: 
  • User-agent: *
  • Disallow: /search
  • Allow: /

5. Enable Customer Robots Header Tag

  • All
  • noodp
  • noindex
  • All
  • noodp

header tag
Header Tag
These Settings help you to increase website traffic and SEO.

2. Backlink

Back-link generate

One of the most used phrases in the google engine development (SEO) globe is a "backlink."
Backlink Helps you to generate traffic to your website fast.

Many bloggers who have begun a blog or website only lately often strive to comprehend the meaning of the word "backlink."

In this article, I wish to provide you with a comprehension of what backlinks are, why they are vital to SEO, and why they are crucial to your achievement internet. You will also know how to evaluate your rivals ' backlinks and how to purchase them for your website and to implement that to increase website traffic fast.

There are Two Types Of Back-Link Available

No-Follow Back-link:

If a website links to another page, but the connection has a no-follow label, the connection will not transfer the juice of the connection. No-follow links are not useful as they don't add anything to a page's classification. In particular, when a webmaster links to an unstable location, he/she utilizes the no-follow button.

Do-Follow Back-link:

By default, all the links you're adding to a blog post are do-follow links and the pass juice.

There was a moment when even connections of low quality helped to rank a page. But the whole backlinking landscape has altered since Google brought out its Penguin algorithm.

Backlinks from value locations are essential, and those backlinks should be contextual. If you have a fish page, for instance, and you create connections about monkeys from other niche locations, these connections will be of no use. Your objective should be to obtain connections from appropriate and influential locations.

3. Social Sharing

Social Sharing
Social Sharing 

Producing excellent material and hoping that individuals will discover it is not enough–you have to be proactive. Using social media sites to encourage your material is one of the greatest methods to boost visitors to your blog. Twitter is perfect for a brief, snappy (and appealing) connections, while Google+ advertising can assist your location to appear in personalized search outcomes and appears particularly efficient in B2B niches. You may discover excellent traction with image-heavy social sites like Pinterest and Instagram if you're a B2C consumer business. Here are more tips to get the most out of social media marketing. Social Sharing mainly the reason for huge traffic.

4. Use SEO Tool

Seo tool
Seo tool

If you want to try Free Seo Tool Then I recommended for you the Only One Tool

I'm also Preferred this tool because I used this tool till 3 months it's showing good results and get me to rank. Mainly Use always SEO tool to Increase Website Traffic Fast.

5. Keyword Research

Keyword Research
Keyword Research

For many years, search engines have minimized the significance of keyword-relevant rating indicators.

It is a fact that keywords are no longer necessary or compulsory to be present in the title tag or heading tags (H1, H2, H3) to rank among the top five results pages of the search engine.

It is no longer necessary to use the precise keyword sentences within a webpage document.

Should you leave the method of keyword research and concentrate more on creating material?

Surprisingly, the response is no. Research on keywords is still essential, but in a distinct manner from the previous.

The different meanings of a sentence, for instance, and the success of each sign is vital.

Skillful use of phrases remains essential, and this manual will demonstrate to you how to look for keywords in a way that is suitable for the direction search engine optimization works today.
Keyword Research Helps in researching a highly Ranking keyword to Increase website traffic.

This guide's objective is to: demonstrate how keyword research is still helpful.
Shine a shine on many misunderstandings.
Show how scientific knowledge of how search engines today use keywords can assist you to rate high-traffic / high keyword transformation.
The guidelines described in this manual relate similarly to mobile content and are suitable irrespective of how visual material is supplied to consumers.

6. Start Guest Posting

Guest Blogging
Guest Blogging

Guest blogging — also recognized as personal writing — is the habit of adding a comment to the website of another person to create connections, commitment, power, and connections.

Links are the main rating variable in Google, and in SEO customer blogging, in relation to other advertising factors, provides a powerful chance to gain a connection home from another page.

Guest blogging creates a connection with the blogger producing your article, connects with their crowd for further disclosure, and enables you to develop power among a crowd.

The idea is easy: you compose a blog post based on a specific blogger's demands and get a backlink in exchange, generally at the edge of the document called the Author Box.

Bloggers are keen on posting on their blogs high-quality material that they can use to reach fresh viewers and communicate with their present crowd. For both website managers who want to place greater in google motors (and need connections to do so), and bloggers who are keen on adding more visitors to their blog, this allows visitor blogging a win-win alternative.

Guest Posting Helps You To Build you to famous and interaction between people get them into your website.

Is SEO and Link Building good for guest blogging?

The response is yeah, the brief response. However, customer blogging can be exploited like any strategy.

7. Internal Linking


An internal link is a link on the same domain from one page to another. We're speaking about frequent sms connections on your blog from one site to another. Your website navigation is, of course, an instance of internal links, but here we are speaking about data connections on the websites.

3 Benefits of internal links

For three purposes, internal connecting is essential, reinforcing three components of your funnel.

  1. They pass authority from one page to another (search optimization) 
  2. They guide visitors to high-value, high-convert pages (usability) 
  3. They prompt visitors to act as calls for action (conversion optimization)

Internal Linking that affect Website Ranking

When one website connects to another site, some of its validity is passed to that site, improving the probability of ranking the second site. Sometimes this confidence is called "connection tea," but it is called "power" by most query optimizers.

Links from other websites transfer "Domain Authority," which increases the power (and the probability of classification) of all the pages on your page. This is not done by internal links.

They do not improve your general website's power, but they transfer power between websites on your database. They transfer from one site to another "Page Authority." Pages can assist one another position in google motors through connections.

8. Posting in Quora


Quora is the ideal place for bloggers to show their understanding and skills when you believe about it.

After all, most of us blog to assist our viewers with their issues, and a Q&A system is the purest manifestation of assisting individuals with their issues.

As a blogger, you're not only going to discover Quora a unique society to be involved in, but you're going to get several advantages from that.


I have already noted Quora's congestion possibilities, but an extra advantage is that the responses published on the website may proceed to ride congestion months after it has been established.

In reality, the impact of traffic generation can last longer than two or three months.'s creator, Tony Stubblebine, claims that a Quora article he published last year on meditation remains to take him congestion to this day.

Quora gives you a huge amount of traffic to your website 

9. Posting in Reddit


These days, there are plenty of personal connecting locations out there and participating at least some of them can do miracles for your marketing.

However, the Reddit community will teach you one of the golden rules of using sharing sites and social media to spread your blog: don't spam your messages and assume positive feedback, or even curiosity.

Reddit loves individuals who only post their own material, and they also adopt a powerful position against "gaming the scheme" by merely using Reddit to get tourists to your blog.

There's a route to send messages to Reddit and collect enormous figures of tourists to your blog, but you've got to walk closely.

Generate Traffic From Reddit by following steps

  • Present an exciting name & picture post
  • Post the right subreddit!
  • Be an engaged Reddit participant
These Steps Helps you to generate traffic from Reddit.

10. Use Push-Notification 


Push notifications are alerts that appear on the desktop monitor or portable device of a person. (Think of' top kid ' press notifications for phone sign-ups and retargeting.) These notifications can let individuals understand about a fresh web article, a unique bid, fresh item announcement, coupon, upcoming webinar... the sky's boundary. These press notifications are a wonderful tool to get the notice of a previous visitor— with the expectation of clicking on the notice and heading home to your page.

It's not fresh to push technology. It has been used for a while now on the internet and on mobile devices, but many digital marketers have not yet introduced to their arsenal this strong marketing strategy.

One reason for increasing awareness in push notifications is that it completes the gulf between email marketing and retargeting to drive users home to your page. Asking a customer to press a key is much easier than requesting them to register their email addresses for email marketing reasons (particularly on mobile devices).

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